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Related article: The BookCASE: Short Stories - After the Dance 2 After The Dance II By: Eric Case The following story contains descriptions of graphic sexual acts between two consenting teenagers. It is a "fictional" story, and any likeness to events which may have happened in real life is coincidental. This story should not be read by people under the age of 18, or by homophobes, or if it is illegal to view material of a sexual nature wherever you are. Copywrite (C) 1999 - Eric Case. I'd just like to thank all those who sent me comments about ATD. Many of you asked if I would write a sequel, and so I've decided to turn ATD into a series. Also, ATD will feature guest appearances by the characters David, and Tristan, from D.Z.'s "Boys On The Farm" and it's successor "David Tristan - Boys In School". BOTF is an excellent story, and I'd recommend you read it, if not to get an idea of who David and Tristan are, then just because it's a great story! So without further ado, here it is.. After The Dance II! Hope you enjoy it! Eric This story and all of my other stories can be found at The BookCASE: I awoke the next morning to see my new boyfriend hurriedly putting on his clothes. "What're ya doin babe?" I asked sleepily yawning and stretching. "I gotta go! I never called my mom last night and she's gonna KILL me!" Jason said in a panic. "Wanna call her first and see if she's mad? I could call and ask if you're home, then we'd know if your parents are that pissed by what they say." I said trying to calm him down. "I don't think it would be a good idea.. Chris look.. last night was great," he paused. "But?" I asked starting to panic. "Look, my mom would KILL me if she found out what we did last night!" He said tying up his shoe laces. "Maybe it's best if we don't see each other until next fall when school starts." "What?!" I asked in disbelief. "Last night you told me you loved me, and now you're saying 'see you in September?'" "Last night I was in way over my head," he retorted. "I said a lotta stuff and didn't think it through okay?" "Yeah I said a lot too that I didn't think about! Maybe we should sit down and talk about it before you go running out," I said with a pleading tone in my voice. I could feel the knot in my stomach and the ball in my throat as I swallowed hard looking at him. "Just go then.." "Chris.." "Just get the fuck out!" I screamed at him. "Don't start swearing Chris." "Don't start swearing?! You didn't seem to mind it last night when I asked you to fuck me. You didn't mind at all. I gave you my virginity for Christ's sake, and then this morning you start with this 'I was in over my head' bullshit? Fuck off then.." I yelled tears streaming down my face onto my naked chest. "Chris.. you're a great guy, and.. and I really do love you. It's just.. shit who am I kidding?" he said slumping down against the wall on my floor. "I love you Chris, but I'm scared to death!" Tears were welling in his eyes now as I got up and sat naked next to him. "Before yesterday, or last night.. I mean yeah I knew I was gay. I knew I didn't like girls, and that I was different, and I wanted a boyfriend, but.. Chris now it's real! I have a boyfriend! I have you, and now I have to deal with having secret feelings and a secret relationship. We're gonna have to sneak around.. I'm scared Chris. What if we get caught? My mom wouldn't exactly be understanding about it! Think of all your friends! My friends Tristan and David wouldn't understand I know that much.." "Jason," I said softly, more calm now that he was talking to me. "What?" I wiped a stray tear from his cheek. "Jason I love you too, more than you'll ever know. All the stuff you said is probably true, but if you're gay like you said, eventually you're gonna face it. I'm gonna have to face all that someday too, but the thing is," I said pausing and swinging around so I was facing him. "There's no one in this world, who I'd rather face this with Lolitas Bbs Pics than you. You mean the world to me already and I only met you yesterday!" It might have been the planets coming into alignment, or the words I said, but Jason gave me the most powerful look with the deepest conveyances of love I have ever seen to this day. He couldn't even speak, he just sat and looked at me with his mouth partially open. Then his Lolitas Bbs Pics mouth closed, and his lips started to shake and the tears started coming again. Stronger now, as he got to his knees and pulled me to him, our bare chests touching, and my naked lower half pressing against his khaki covered legs. We knelt there holding one another for what seemed like hours huddled together. Two gay teenagers, huddled against the mocks, and the hatred of the homophobic world, but the rest didn't seem to matter since we were together, and at that moment I knew that no matter what hardship and struggle came before us, we could stand together and face it. "I really need to get home Chris," Jason said softly. "I'm probably gonna be grounded till September," he giggled. I laughed too. "Lemme call them first Jason.. trust me I can get you off the hook!" "Promise? If you don't can I beat you off.. I mean beat you up?" He giggled. "Well if I can't you're gonna have to stay here till September!" I teased back. "Deal!" He said and went downstairs to the phone in the kitchen (once I'd thrown on a pair of boxers). I let him dial the number and leaned against the wall while he sat down at the kitchen table. "Quick what's your last name?" I asked while the phone was still ringing. "Hamilton," he answered in a whisper as his mom picked up on her end. "Hello?" Came his mom's voice. "Hi is this Mrs. Hamilton?" I said in my sweetest voice. "Yes this is Mrs. Hamilton, who might you be?" She asked. "You don't really know me. My name's Chris Mitchell." I said in my 'suck up' tone. "I'm calling for Jason," I said. "Jason didn't Lolitas Bbs Pics come home last night, and if you see him could you.." "Yeah Jason's with me right now." I said coolly. Jason was watching me intently, hoping somehow I could swing him outta trouble. "See he was at the dance last night at Ridgewood Highschool, and after it was over he wasn't feeling too good so I said he could come back to my place for a bit and he could call you to pick him up.... Yeah he was there with Shannon, but she kinda left early with some guys.... hehe.. yeah.... you do know Shannon!..... hehe... yeah, I got him onto the couch and he put his feet up and went to sleep so I didn't know who to call so I just left him on the couch for the night...... Yeah he's feeling a little better I think but he was Lolitas Bbs Pics afraid to call in case you were mad at him.... yup.... yeah the dance was great! .... aaw... can't he stay for a bit? .... pleeeaaase?... hehe thanks .... no problemo Mrs. Hamilton.... I'll tell him .. okay... Yup.... He's not in trouble now is he?.... Okay good... thanks! Nice talking to you too... okay. .... buh bye!" I hung up the phone and Jason jumped to his feet. "What'd she say? I'm dead aren't I?" He asked with a worried look. "Everything's fine babe," I said cheerfully. "She was a little upset at first, but I got her joking about Shannon and I had her laughing from then on. Oh and you can stay till 5:00 then we gotta call so your mom can pick you up for supper." "Aaw.. I don't wanna leave you to have supper with my mom!" he whined. "I'm goin too dude!" I said happily. "For real?" He asked in near amazement. "My mom never likes practically any of my friends!" "That's cause you hang around with people like Shannon!" I laughed. We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon (after having eaten some healthy American food... aka McDonald's) playing video games on my N64. Jason said I'd have to try to beat him in "WCW vs NWO" for his playstation and with the flash of my 'Clint Eastwood voice' I said "you're on punk". This sent Jason into anoth bout of laughter and he knocked me over onto my back, laying on top of me. Our eyes met and we shared a tender gaze for a moment while I gently worked my hands up and down Jason's back. He was propped up on his elbows with his head a few inches above mine. "I'm sorry about what I said earlier Chris," he said softly. Leaning on one elbow, he brushed my hair from my forehead and ran the hand gently down my face. "I'm sorry for.." "No Chris. You don't have anything to be sorry about. I'm glad you said what you said. It woke me up. Yeah we might have troubles down the road, but like you said, I want you by my side. I love you Chris," he said softly. He planted a gentle loving kiss on my lips, physically affirming his words. It was such a small action, but at that moment it drove all the worries in the back of my mind away. Would our relationship work? "Of course," it said. Could Jason and I make it through the troubles that may lay before us? "Together you can do anything," it said. These thoughts and a dozen others ran through my mind, and then out the window. "I love you too," I said as a stray tear ran down my cheek. The power of my love sent chills though my body. I gave him a little smile, then giggled. "I guess it's time we called your mom. After all I gotta get to know my mother in-law." Jason laughed at this too. He had lived with his single mother, and younger brother Michael who was 11, since his dad had split town 3 years back (I had learned this over the course of the day at some point although we talked about so much I don't remember the exact conversation or how we got onto the topic). We got up and headed back to the kitchen, this time Jason taking the phone. He dialed the number and took a deep breath, still a bit concerned about the possibility of getting in trouble. "Hi mom," he said when his mom answered. "I'm sorry about last night, I just left the dance feeling really light headed and.." "Don't worry about it dear," his mom's voice came to my ears clearly over the receiver. "Your friend Chris already told me all about it." "Okay!" He said smiling. "Did David or Tristan call yet?" He asked. "No not yet," his mom answered. "Aaw man.. they shoulda been home by now.. I'll call them cause I gotta talk to them soon!..... Yeah I miss em!" Jason said. Chris couldn't hear what Jason's mom was saying anymore. "Ummm... if I call and they're home do you think you could drive me and Chris over there? Lolitas Bbs Pics I dunno. Yeah.. yup.. in like maybe 5 minutes? okay bye mom," Jason said as he hung up the phone. "Everything's okay right?" Chris asked. "Yeah I guess.. my friends haven't called me yet and I thought they were gettin home today. I guess maybe it's tomorrow," Jason said while trying to remember their vacation plan. "Where did they go?" Asked Chris smiling just happy to be alive and have a boyfriend as great as Jason. "They went to David's grandparents who live on a farm.. Hey can I use your phone again for a sec babe?" Jason asked, then giggled and added "it's a local call." "Sure babe, just no 900 numbers!" he laughed. Jason picked the phone back up and dialed the number quickly. Then smiled as the person on the other line picked up the phone. "Hey Randy it's Jason! Tristan isn't home yet is he?... He's home? Okay.." Jason smiled at Chris. "Yeah I want Tristan and David to meet somebody from the school I'm goin to next year. I'm hoping we can all hang out this fall.... You don't think that's gonna be possible?" Jason asked with a puzzled look. "To Texas? So soon?... Oh... Well I guess I'll talk to Tristan later then... Yeah I'm gonna miss havin you around too Randy you've been a big help with my dad splitting and everything... yeah umm okay well I'm gonna go but I'll make sure I stop by before you leave okay? He's at David's? Kay great! Okay buh bye.." Jason hung up the phone and collapsed into a chair. Chris jumped to his boyfriend's side placing his arms on his shoulders leaning down to ask what was wrong. "What is it babe?" He said softly sensing Jason's pain. "My friend Tristan.. me, him, and Jason are like best friends and Tristan's moving to Texas on Monday!" Jason said softly, his voice showing his shock, pain, and disappointment. "Sshhhh.." Chris said gently. "Things will work out Jason.. you'll see." Jason giggled despite himself. " Hehe.. you promise?" Chris nodded. Jason smiled and stood up throwing his arms around Christopher's neck. "I love you Lolitas Bbs Pics so much babe." "Ahh you're just sayin that," Chris giggled. "I love you too Jason. We should get ready if your mom's gonna be here soon. Then we can hang out for a bit until your mom's ready to pick us up for dinner." "Okay good idea," Jason said softly. Ten minutes later Jason was introducing Chris and his mother to each other. "It's nice to meet you!" Chris' mom said smiling at me. "The pleasure's all mine," I replied smiling back at her. "Oooh, and you're so polite!" Jason's mom said. "Maybe you'll rub off on Jason," she said. I held my laughter in at the unintended double meaning, and nearly came out with 'it's much too late for that' but I managed to hold that in. "You have a beautiful house Chris!" She said looking up at the second floor balcony. Jason turned and looked at the house now. He'd only seen it the previous night in the dark and couldn't see anything. Now he saw the whole front of the house and took in the house's size. "Whoa! I spent the night here and didn't even know the place was that big," he said wide-eyed. "Your parents must be loaded!" I giggled. "My dad's the V.P. of a company, and my mom's a partner in Mayer, Lyndell, and Mitchell." Jason's mom spoke up again, "T. Mitchell.. Thomas J. Mitchell? Is that your father?" She asked. "Yeah that's my dad's name, how did you know?" "He's the Vice President of TSI Incorporated. I'm a senior secretary for his company," Jason's mom answered. "Well we better get you two over to David's if you're gonna hang out there before dinner. The reservation's for seven okay Jason?" "Sounds good," he said getting into the front seat. I hopped into the seat behind his. We drove across town into the more 'inner city' area. It wasn't exactly Ridgemount's high-classed suburban neighborhood, but it was still a nice area with basketball nets on every house, and kids playing nearly everywhere. Where I lived, most of the people were old and they're biggest conversations were about their regularity, and whether or not their shares were up or down. "Here we are.. David's house," Jason said as his mom's Dodge Durango pulled up in front of a nice two-story house. We both hopped out and I followed him up to the front door of the house. I guess Jason was on really friendly terms with David's family since he just turned the knob on the door and walked in. I wasn't really quite sure what to do so I just stood there listening to Jason's voice coming through the screen door as his mom pulled off. "Hey Staci! David and Tristan are here right?" he asked. A kindly feminine voice replied "Hey Jason, nice to see you." Jason laughed and replied with "it's nice to see you too Mrs. Brandt. Are David and Tristan here?" "Yes they are," she said coming into view. "Is this a new friend?" She asked looking out the door at me. "Come on in, we don't bite that hard!" I laughed despite myself and walked into th house stopping to take my shoes off at the door which Jason hadn't bothered to do. "Wow your mother's trained you well," Mrs. Brandt commented. "Pleased to meet you ma'am, my name's Christopher," I said in a business-like, yet happy tone. Mrs. Brandt smiled and introduced herself as well, then told us that David and Tristan were upstairs. When we were outside their door I turned to Jason grabbing his arm to get his attention. "What am I supposed to say?" "I'm gonna tell them about us," he whispered. "Just play along and no matter what they say, play it cool okay?" "You're gonna tell them???" I asked in a horse whisper. "Yup," he said flatly as he started turning the knob on the door. The TV was on kinda loud and his knob turning was soon accompanied by his lovely teen-angel voice complaining "Hey David and Tristan, open up! Your mom said you were here. I can't believe you didn't call me to tell me you were home!" He turned to me and whispered quietly "they're my best friends Chris. I want them to know, especially since Tristan's moving. I want them to like the REAL me if they're gonna like me at all..." Jason smiled at me when the short silence that followed was broken by this "cute guy" sounding voice coming from the other side of the door. "Hang onto your shorts for a sec, Jason, we're into a good part of this game! I'll open the door when we finish this part." Jason rolled his eyes and looked back at the door impatiently tapping his foot. We heard footsteps coming towards the door and Jason leaned against the doorframe as the door swung open in front of him."Hey, it took you guys long enough to open up!" He blurted as he walked into the room. I followed him in, hanging back slightly, since I didn't want to seem like I was scurrying around behind him. Jason was the first one to speak again as I came up slightly behind him and to his side. "Hey guys, this is Chris.. I met him at the Ridgemount dance while you guys were away. Chris, these are my long time friends I told ya about, David and Tristan."I walked over and greeted them both with a slight handshake and my patented 'cool guy' "how ya doin." My eyes met both of theirs as I said hello and tried to see what they were thinking.David was cute.. well more near gorgeous with his blonde hair, and nice build. It could be seen through his t-shirt, which hung sort of tightly around him. They must have been playing a pretty intense game buy the amount of sweat on his shirt. "Great, glad to meet ya dude," he said kinda awkwardly. Understandably so since I had sorta barged into his room.Tristan looked kind of sweaty too although he wasn't as built as David. His brown curly hair was kinda cute and he had a face that just made you want to give him a hug. He seemed a little more flustered than David as he said "Uhh, hi Chris." He was just so cute!I decided straight away that I liked them both. Their eyes were soft and showed kindness, and I wanted them to like me for Jason's sake if not for my own, having a couple more friends to add to my list. We all kinda stood there or sat there for a moment before Jason looked at me and started talking again. "I know you're moving Tristan," Jason said quietly. "I talked to your dad yesterday cause I wanted you guys to meet Chris. Me and Chris here met at the dance at Ridgemount High while you guys were gone, so I wanted to see if you were home yet and Randy told me."Tristan looked almost ill for a moment. I guess he'd forgotten about it or something and Jason had reminded him. "Yeah, Jason, it really sucks big time. I told my dad I don't want to move and he told me he was gonna drag me on that airplane if he had to." His face was heartbroken, and his voice waivered slightly showing how upset he really was. I realized how much it would hurt if any of my close friends were to suddenly up and move away, or how upset I'd been at the prospect of not seeing Jason until September earlier that morning."So this is like a short term thing right?" Jason asked with a pleading tone. "It can't be forever dude!"Tristan's face kept it's sad look. If anything it fell even more as he said "It's about as forever as it gets....the only thing that might happen is that I can work on David's farm next summer so I can afford to fly back here." I would gladly give him the money for a ticket from Texas to come back and visit, but doubted that this was the time to get into my usual 'political problem solving' mode.Jason looked at me for a moment. The most meaningful "I'll love you no matter what" looks I've ever seen, and cleared his throat nervously. "Look guys.. There's somethin I really need to tell you now. I mean Tristan's moving, and I'm going to Ridgemount High this year.. I want you guys to know now cause I don't know when the next time we will be together like this. Chris and I are going together...I'm uhh... I'm.. gay.. and if you guys never wanna talk to me again, then fine, but I wanted you two to know. I want you guys to know the REAL me, and if you still wanna be friends with me even if I'm a 'fag' then great cause I Lolitas Bbs Pics still want to be friends with you guys too." It had poured out of him as he emptied his heart out to the two guys in front of us. His face then took on the look of a child who's just Lolitas Bbs Pics done something wrong and hopes he's not going to get a spanking.There was a pause as Lolitas Bbs Pics David and Tristan both looked kind of shocked. Tristan turned to David and whispered "Freakin' unbelievable, isn't it David?" David sort of shook his head then turned back to Jason."I don't believe you. You've never acted like a fag before....what kind of sick joke are you trying to pull here?" David said with his hands on his hips.Jason looked kind of stunned, then his face changed and he looked hurt. Then Jason got a more determined look and said "like this kind of sick joke?" Then he wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me forward and kissed me full on the lips! Right in front of David and Tristan even! At first I was a little shocked and surprised, but as I remembered the hurt look Jason's face had just worn, I decided to give David and Tristan a real show! I felt Jason's tongue against my lips and I opened my mouth to let him in as our tongues danced to the beat of our hearts and the song of our love. I brought my arms up around Jason's back and started to massage his back as we began grinding against one another. I never Lolitas Bbs Pics thought I would have been so turned on by kissing someone in front of two guys I didn't know, but knowing that David and Tristan were watching seemed to make the whole experience sexier and more erotic. Eventually we slowed down and came to a halt as we turned to look at David and Tristan again after a quick peck and one of our loving looks we had practiced the previous night. Then Jason turned back to David and Tristan with a defiant look and said, "how's that for acting like a fag, Davey boy? A bit much for a sick joke wouldn't you say?"Both David and Tristan seemed lost for words, so I stepped up beside Jason so that my left shoulder rested behind his right shoulder. "Yeah I'm not that into jokes. We love each other and I'm not ashamed to tell you that making love with Jason's great. And he gets into it too!" Of course saying that he gets into it could have been a play on words, but that wasn't how I meant it at the time. Then Tristan stood up and I thought for sure we were gonna end up in a big fight, but then Tristan wrapped his arms around David's waist. "Well you guys aren't the only one's who have found love together! David and I are boyfriends too. It happened while we were away at the farm!" I couldn't believe it, and I didn't even know David and Tristan. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jason's mouth drop open. "And like.. you guys weren't even gonna tell me?!" Jason asked, raising the pitch of his voice still in some shock. Then David spoke up. "Well it's not like that's something you run around telling everyone! No offense Jason, but my family hates gays and it's something I can't let get out! We probably woulda told you when the time was right and we were sure you wouldn't have had a problem with it or whatever. Besides we don't know if we can be a real couple since it looks like Tristan was moving to Texas." We all just sort of stood there for a minute as the realization sunk in. Here I was with two 'strangers' who I had just confessed my undying love for their best friend to, and then they had turned around and told us that they were lovers as well. The tension that had built up in the room moments earlier dissolved and fell away like rain from clouds and within seconds we were all smiling at the realization that we could do something we had all never really done before with anyone outside our little couples. We could be ourselves! Jason walked over to Tristan and gave him a little hug, still a little unsure of the situation I guess. Being the 'odd man out' it didn't phase me quite as deeply. It was more of a pleasant surprise than a big-time shock. "Hope you don't end up moving away, cause we could like have such a cool time together as two couples and everything," Jason said softly. Tristan's face twisted slightly with a pained look. "Yeah, I hope with everything I've got that it won't happen but so far it's not working. But I don't want to think about it right now cause I'm sick of thinking about it. You guys want to play video games? We can be teams, David and I will play against you guys!" We all agreed and sat down in front of the TV and played video games until it was time to go. We acted like a bunch of guys just having a good time playing video games, but we also had a new dimension since we could show our affections openly. Tristan and David were definitely good at playing video games, and a few times that they beat us shared a kiss to congratulate one another. We followed suit quickly whenever we won, as well as giving each other (and them) playful shoves whenever we lost! I hadn't had that much fun just playing video games with a bunch of guys before in my life. A couple times I found myself looking at the two of them. They were a cute couple, and together they seemed so perfect, and so in love. Eventually our fun had to end when Jason's mom showed up to take us out to dinner. "Thanks for the fun afternoon and hope to see you guys again sometime," I said as I gave Jason a gentle squeeze. "Yeah, Tristan, call me when you get back and let me know what you and your Dad are gonna do, ok?" Jason asked with his cute puppy-dog look. "OK, Jason I'll let ya know what's up when I get back, but I have to tell ya that I'll being seeing David first!" "Of course dude, I expected that! Just let me know, kay?" Jason said smiling half-heartedly at his friend. I could tell it was hard for him, and rightly so having one of his best friends move a couple thousand miles away. "Yeah, bye you guys! Don't do anything we wouldn't do!" David jumped in with a brighter tone. I could tell he was trying to brighten things up a bit and it worked for Jason at least. "Hey, no prob from the shape you guys were in when we got here!" Jason teased back winking knowingly to David and Tristan. "It took me a while but I figured it out." David said with this cute little innocent face, and matching voice. Neither of us bought it and we chuckled lightly as we went out the front door after exchanging our goodbyes on our way down the stairs. Jason's mom picked us up and we went to dinner at a nice restaurant and Roberta, picked up my bill happily telling me not to be silly, she had invited me and wouldn't hear of me paying for myself. I also got to meet Jason's little brother Michael, who was a cutie himself. He was a bit young for me to be looking at him seriously, but the one-lined jokes he produced were priceless, as well as those cute little dimples that split his cheeks every time he smiled. Eventually we were full having eaten good sized meals, and Roberta drove me home. Jason remembered he'd left his keys in my house as we pulled up, and he followed me lightly up the stairs and inside. I opened the door and walked in flipping the lights on as I entered. Jason closed the door behind us and followed me as I bounded up the stairs to my room. I grabbed his keys off of my dresser and handed them to him. "Your keys Jason.." I said putting on a formal English accent. "Why thank you my good man!" He laughed playing his own English accent. "Just good man?" I asked raising an eyebrow and giving him my 'aren't I so seductive' grin. "Very good man," he said drawing me close. He wrapped his arms around my neck and kissed me deeply but gently. "I love you so much Chris.." "I love you too Jason," I said smiling at his beautiful face. "You better get going before your mom wonders what happened to us." "Yeah I guess I better," he said. We walked down the stairs to the front door and I reached out turning the knob and began opening the door to see him out when he put his hand against it pushing it shut. He spun me around and made me look him in the eyes. I could see the burning love in his eyes and nothing needed to be said as we held each other close. I sighed deeply being in my lovers arms for the last time that night. "Call me tomorrow?" I asked softly and Lolitas Bbs Pics kissed his neck. "You can count on it Chris!" He said happily. Then he opened the door and I stepped out after him waving to his mom, and his little brother in the car. He hopped down the steps and jumped into the passenger seat and waved as his mom shifted into gear and drove down the driveway and off into the night. I sat down in the kitchen and read the paper, leafing through the headlines about failing peace talks in the middle east, the Y2k computer virus, and about a dozen other articles about all the bad things in the world. Eventually I got bored and decided that the best place for me to be was in bed, and asleep since the sooner I went to sleep, the less time I'd have to be conscious through while waiting for Jason to call me. After checking all the doors and windows to make sure they were locked, I went to my room and turned on the TV and flicked the lights off. With my head on my pillow staring up at my dimly lit ceiling, I thought of all the events of the day, us coming out to David and Tristan, them coming out to us. So many things had changed, and so many things had happened, but we'd faced them together. And as I thought about it, I knew many new things would continue to happen, as we set out on our new lives together, after the dance. Well.. that's part II to "After the Dance". I hope you've enjoyed it and I'm anxious to see how it's received so as always all questions / comments are welcomed at Thanks for reading, E.C.
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